Peaks Catering Ltd – Built on our Medium Business Website Package

We were recently approached by Peaks Catering Ltd, a family run business that supplies catering units to a range of events up and down the country – as well as owning a ‘bricks and mortar’ Ice Cream store in Windsor. As well as needing standard ‘about’ and ‘contact’ pages, they required pages to showcase each individual catering unit brand. These pages would have the specifications of the unit, a brief description, some imagery and sample menus.

Because of the sheer number of units that Peaks Catering Ltd have, it seemed appropriate to put them on our Medium Business Website Package. This package comes with up to 20 pages as standard, and would give plenty of ‘capacity’ for any additional brands / units that Peaks invest in. They also took advantage of our ‘copy-writing add-on’ for the Medium Business Website Package, and we wrote the majority of the wording across the site. It’s not always easy writing SEO text that works well on websites, so this is why we’re happy to do it!

Peaks Catering Ltd Brands on the Medium Business Website Package

As well as building the website for Peaks Catering, we used some graphic design to recreate some of the branding and logos they had originally. A lot of these were designed by the family, and weren’t vector images, so when scaled up for high resolutions lost a lot of definition (I’ve written about similar here!). We also recreated the physical menu boards used on the units, into digital versions to show on the individual brand pages. Peaks Catering Ltd, didn’t have a company logo either, so used our Logo Design Package too, but I’ll tell you more about the process of design for that in another post!

Some Examples of Graphic Design on the Medium Business Website Package

It’s been an absolute joy working with the Peak family on this project, and I am looking forward to bumping into them at a local fair to sample their wares!

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