Making Logos for any size! From Business Cards to Buses!

When we design things like logos – it’s always best to create them as vectors – vectors are essentially shapes, that can be large and complex – or small and simple. But the beauty of vectors are – they can be made to be ANY size. No matter if your company logo is going on a business card, or the side of a bus – it will look crisp and well defined. If you create a logo in a bitmap format, such as PNG or JPG – unless it’s VERY high resolution, once you start scaling up the size it will look pixelated.

A good example of this is with my customer, Canon Brickworks Ltd. They came to me recently for a new website, which I’m working on now – but this is their current logo used on their existing website –

The existing Canon Brickwork logo

Canon Brickwork liked their existing logo, however the ‘b’ in brickwork, should really be in upper case. They didn’t want it to be completely changed as they have it on uniforms and signage – however I couldn’t really work with the existing image. It was a low resolution bitmap – so when it was made even slightly bigger – it really doesn’t look great.

Doubling the size loses definition.

Yikes!! Usually free, online logo creators, and ‘have-a-go’ designers, will produce bitmap images, which lack clarity, and unless are saved at a high resolution (meaning MASSIVE file sizes) will look bobbins when enlarged.

To overcome this, I essentially recreated the Canon Brickwork logo – the graphic element is pretty simple, and easily recreated. Also, I have a real geeky passion for fonts, and could identify a font almost identical to the one used on the original version. As well as that – I could fix the annoying ‘b’ – here’s the result.

The NEW (old) logo

How nice does that look? Now, you’re seeing it in this post as a bitmap image (WordPress can be funny about vectors). It’s still night and day from the original – as shown below.

If we zoom in both to 200% then the difference is even more apparent

The new logo I created can be sent to printers, or signwriters, and will look perfect every. single. time. I converted their logo to vector because they ordered my Small Business Website Package. But you don’t need to buy a website from me to have your logo turned into a super crisp vector – I can do it on an hourly basis – depending on the complexity of the logo it can usually be done within one or two hours (So £35 to £70). Get in touch with this form – and you can attach an image of your logo as it now. Obviously, if you want a complete refresh, use my Logo Design Package – you’ll get your new logo in Vector included in the price!

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