What does a Sole Trader Plus Website look like?

While we are currently running a promotion on the Sole Trader Plus Website Package, I thought I’d show you exactly what a Sole Trader Plus Website looks like once it’s all done. We’ve created a LOT of these sites now, but instead of reading a list of features and benefits, it’s sometimes good to look over a finished site. The site we’ve just finished is for Staffordshire Solar Ltd, a new company that we recently made a logo for.

The Staffordshire Solar Ltd Home Page on a Sole Trader Plus Website
The Staffordshire Solar Ltd Home Page on a Sole Trader Plus Website

Something that the guys at Staffordshire Solar wanted to do, was be able to show one of the web interfaces for a solar install, so potential customers can see it in action. This integration is pretty simple in web design terms, but it keeps the customer on the site to continue their journey, rather than switch away.

I’m really happy with the colour scheme that Staffordshire Solar team agreed too. A lot of electricians we do work for have logos on black background, which translates into darker web pages. The Staffordshire Solar website is bright, and fresh, and the Services page looks great with the crisp, bright iconography.

The Sole Trader Plus Website Package does come with five pages included as standard, the Staffordshire Solar chaps needed a few more. Our customers have a few options, they can either upgrade to the Small Business Website Package, which includes ten pages as standard – or, pay our hourly rate for the extra pages to be added. None of the ‘page limits’ on any of our packages are fixed, it’s just what you get included in the cost.

The Staffordshire Solar team took advantage of our new ‘Copy Writing’ Add On to their package, and after providing some basic details, we were able to write the wording across the website. We understand that not everyone enjoys writing, and has the confidence to know what works well on a website, so we are happy to do this for our clients!

Now the website is finished, we’ve performed some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and submitted it to Google for indexing. This has been done via their ‘Instant Indexing’ system, meaning it will appear on Google as quickly as possible.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working on the Staffordshire Solar Ltd Website, and we really hope to welcome them back to expand the site in future as their business expands!

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