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Ian Legg Electrical Services Website

We were recently contacted by Ian at Ian Legg Electrical Services to give his existing website a bit of an upgrade. His website had retained the same design for many years, and whilst it was still generating business, and attracting clients – he was finding the traffic from Search Engines seemed to be decreasing. Thankfully the solution to this issue was a simple one.

The existing site wasn’t optimised for mobiles or tablets in any way – and Google is starting to favour sites that will work well across any screen size. This means older sites without these optimisations will rank lower, and not be shown as often. Ian was lucky to have a long standing, well ranked, domain name – which is a massive advantage with search results. The only sticking point was the mobile optimisation – which is easy for us to fix.

Examples of the Original Pages on the Ian Legg Electrical Services Website –

With this in mind, Ian took advantage of our Small Business Website Package (it has over £80 off at time of writing!) which covered his requirements in both site size, mobile optimisation, and also search engine optimisation. At KCJH Design we’re strong believers in the fact that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) shouldn’t be an expensive, paid option. It definitely should come as standard. This coupled with our copy writing add-on means that the wording we craft is designed to be search engine friendly and optimised from the get-go.

Examples of the New Pages on the Ian Legg Electrical Services Website –

Something that was important in the design process was to try and retain a similar ‘feel’ to the existing site. It’s very easy to go overboard with graphical flourishes, and over using transitions and effects. We wanted to ensure any existing customers of Ian Legge Electrical Services to recognise the site, but ensure any new customers found it modern and easy to navigate.

We’re so pleased with how the site has turned out and Ian is too. This isn’t our last project for Ian Legg Electrical Services either.. but I’ll save that for another day!

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