Space planning

I’ve been planning spaces for over 18 years now. You might be wondering exactly what Space Planning is? Well, essentially, I take areas that members of the public will be using and ensure they ‘work’. Think of a waiting area for example. You need room for seating, room for people to move around, clearance from a reception desk (so those waiting can’t overhear), space for wheelchairs, buggies, mobility scooters. Then you have to consider fire routes, access to toilets etc.

That is essentially ‘Space Planning’ I make spaces work for those within them, and visiting them. I’ve got a head full of rules, standards, and measurements that I have to maintain to make spaces safe and legal.

Waiting Areas are just the tip of the iceberg, I have worked on office spaces with hundreds of users, home offices, cafes and restaurant areas.

With a lot of businesses moving towards ‘Agile Working’, where people don’t necessarily have their own desk – I have worked with a lot of public and private organisations to acheieve this.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed Space Planning too – with a whole new set of rules for us to consider. The way we use office spaces have altered, with more remote working their can be fewer desks in a workspace, and more collaborative areas. I am always looking at new furniture ranges and innovations that might help my clients.

I’d love to help work with you and your company make the most of the space you have. Please do contact me if you want to talk about making the most of what you have.

Space Planning Prices

I always try to keep my prices for services entirely transparent – Space Planning is no exception. If you want to use my Space Planning services, the cost is £35 per hour. This is across the board, so if you want a Drawing, or need me to come on site to survey and measure, I will charge £35 per hour for my time.

If you require me to travel to site I will charge you 45p per mile from my base in Essex and then any parking / congestion charges, or if it’s faster to use public transport you will be charged the cost price of that.

If you want me to work on a project where it’s likely there will be more than 10 hours work, I will charge £30 per hour for the 11th+ hour.

eg. A 15 hour job would be £350 (10 Hours) + £150 (5 hours at £30 p/h) = £500.

That’s it – no tricks or hidden costs. Invoices must be paid within 14 days.

Space Planning Examples