New Logo and Flyer for a New Business – Staffordshire Solar

As I wrote about recently, setting up a new business isn’t easy – or cheap. However, to help new business Staffordshire Solar, it was clear one of our design bundles would be absolutely perfect for them. They needed pretty much everything – at the top of the list was a logo, and a flyer too – the website is the next stage.

They asked for a logo that was light, clean and possibly incorperated the ‘Staffordshire Knot‘. the Staffordshire Solar team sent through a few designs they’d seen before and liked the look of. I took their brief, and worked up a few suggestions, logos are a very personal thing for your business, so it’s good to provide a client with a few different options.. This was my drawing board for the initial drafts.

A selection of logo ideas for Staffordshire Solar

The initial feedback was good, but the client wondered if the ‘knot’ and sun could be intergrated somehow.. I played with a few ideas about making a ‘sun’ out of knots, but it didn’t really look right, so.. I merged them, and came back with these four options..

I will be honest.. I was hoping 3 or 4 might be the winner – when I make logos, I always have my favourites – sometimes the client will choose them, others not!

I was in luck on this occasion.. Idea 4 was our winner! They just wanted the ‘solar’ to be be in the same bold typeface as the ‘Staffordshire’ – perfect, so we ended up with the below as the finished logo –

The finished Staffordshire Solar Logo.

The next job on the list was supplying the artwork for a flyer that could be used to advertise the new business. Whilst so many people focus with ‘online’ – ‘offline’, especially when it comes to trades like this can be a great way to drum up business. This particular flyer design didn’t really need much in the way of ‘back and forth’, we settled on a design almost instantly, this was the first draft –

The only change needed was a swap of imagery, and moving the logo to the top.. So the final draft is below –

I’m really pleased how all this work came together, and can’t wait to show you the website that I’m working on for Staffordshire Solar! If you’d like us to help with Logos, Flyers, or Websites for your business, please do get in touch with us!

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