Leaflet Design for Pointe Perfection

After we recently did a Logo Redesign for Pointe Perfection this meant their promotional material also needed a refresh with the new branding – first up, the leaflet design. With the change from pink to blue, we had to focus on a blue theme for the leaflet. After bouncing a few ideas around with Maxime at Pointe Perfection (and going through over 300 photos of her customers) we came up with this initial draft below.

The first draft of our Leaflet Design for Pointe Perfection

The first draft actually worked out pretty well – I added a slight blue hue to the image on the front page to help tie it all together. The images on the back were left with their correct hue. It’s really good to have a lengthy chat with the client before starting a leaflet design, as well as looking at any existing leaflets to get a ‘feel’ of the branding. This meant the first draft was almost spot on. After a few tweaks to the copy and changing the imagery slightly, the second and final draft of this leaflet design was born.

The finished leaflet design for Pointe Perfection.

Leaflets are still an excellent way of advertising your business – no matter what field you’re in. If you want to upgrade your promotional material, then please do get in touch about our leaflet design service and we’ll be happy to help you!

The original single sided leaflet design on the left, the new double sided leaflet on the right.

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