New Logo for Blooms and Balloons by Hayley

We were recently contacted by Hayley at Blooms and Balloons by Hayley. She is starting her new business, and needed a logo for use on business cards, leaflets, clothing, and for social media profiles. When you’re starting a business, a clean and simple logo is essential. From the outset Kip had an idea of using some ‘hand drawn’ style elements to emphasise the fact that all of Hayley’s products are made by hand, and are unique. This was paired with a ‘Handwriting’ font that acts almost as a signature..

He sketched out a rough draft – shown below..

The first draft of the Blooms and Balloons by Hayley logo

Hayley’s feedback was positive, she suggested tweaking the ‘H’ to make it a little clearer as the font adds a bit of a ‘swish’ at the bottom. We then discussed colours, Hayley felt the ‘flowers’ should be coloured like a daisy – and the balloons should be purple and green. Hayley sent a photo of some real balloons and Kip sampled the colours for an accurate rendering, and added shading and reflections too. The colour of a blue balloon was used for the ‘by Hayley’ text, and a pink balloon colour was used for the rest of the text. And the ‘final’ logo was born..

The ‘final’ logo.

However, there was a twist – Instagram don’t allow you to have an ‘&’ in a username – and for continuity of branding, one final tweak was made – can you spot it?

The FINAL logo!

If you’re on Instagram, give Blooms and Balloons by Hayley a follow and help support her new venture! I was so happy that Hayley used our Logo Design Services and trusted us with helping create a brand for her. If we can help you in a similar way, you can either request a quote – or contact us!

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