A new logo for Edgley Electrical

Josh from Edgley Electrical decided he needed a logo for his new business ‘Edgley Electrical’. I pointed him in the direction of our Logo Design Package which allows a number of drafts until the brief is met. The brief from Josh was a simple one – the use of black and yellow, and a bold typeface – akin to the ‘DeWalt’ logo. He wanted the logo to work as a social media profile image – and also be ‘stamped’ onto pictures of Josh’s work.

This lead me to create a selection of 4 logos fitting that brief. I tried to introduce an ‘electrical’ symbol into most of them – just to add a ‘spark’. The four options are below.

A selection of initial designs for Edgley Electrical

My favourite two were on the left – and strangely they were Josh’s favourites too! Eventually he settled on the bottom left corner option, and my work was pretty much done!

I created some variations of the logo with yellow text on a black background, and then black text on a yellow background. As well as some versions on a transparent background too. By Josh giving a very clear brief, it meant that this job could be turned around quickly, and I could provide a logo that matched his vision!

The finished logo in the two main colour setups.

If you need a logo putting together for your business, then feel free to do what Josh did and buy a Logo Design Package – or just ask for a quote if your job is a little bigger!

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