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Our friends a Pointe Perfection have recently had a flood in their store, and a lot of their stock has been destroyed, as well as their business cards and brochures. Maxime at Pointe Perfection turned this disaster into an opportunity to rebrand and update their logo in readiness for new promotional material. The original logo had been designed by Maxime, and she felt it needed a refresh.

Pointe Perfection’s original logo

We chatted over WhatsApp and we bounced a few ideas back and forth. I tried some different ‘script’ fonts that might work, as well as a variation on the original font ‘Bella Donna’

Font Test 4 – Back to Bella Donna

We also discussed having a ballet dancer with the logo, or perhaps some pointe shoes, just to bring a bit of life to the logo. There isn’t a shortage of ballet dancer silhouettes on stock image sites, and Maxime picked out a few that might work, however they all felt a little ‘generic’. Then we struck on an idea – use one of Maxime’s actual customers in the logo. We looked at some different dancers in different poses, and discussed which ones would work. Eventually we narrowed it down to one or two. As you can see below I took an image of ‘Rosie’ that Maxime supplied, and turned her into a silhouette. We tested a few different poses, but hit upon one that worked.

From photo Rosie to silhouette Rosie

We’d settled upon a font that we liked, and added Rosie to the logo, and we were pretty much there.. Or were we?

The ‘final design’

I felt quite accomplished, it’s always good when a final design comes together. I sent Max a screenshot of my design board, it looked a bit crazy with the different silhouetted dancers and fonts dotted around..

My messy design board at the end of the day

Max spotted one of my font thoughts on the bottom right of the board. It was something that I’d been playing about with, but wasn’t sure she’d like it, so I hadn’t sent it over. Thing is, she actually LOVED it, the font selection, and colours (with the dark grey background) just chimed with her. So we went back to the drawing board (literally!), and had a slight change of direction. We tested a white background, a light grey background, and the dark grey too. Bringing Rosie back in again, we landed on the dark grey background, and the final design is below.

The ACTUAL final design.

Creating logos isn’t an instant process, it’s a very organic one, directions shift and change as you go. Whenever a customer asks me for a logo, I always say you’re looking at around 1-2 hours work. That, at my current prices will be £35-70, which I know doesn’t sound cheap, but it has to work for the customer and their business. Plus when you’re investing even more money on marketing materials, you want to get it spot on first time. This logo actually took 3 hours in total – my process has been abridged here, but there were a LOT of drafts – and that is fine, I prefer that, because I know we’re getting it right!

As well as working with Pointe Perfection on their new logo, I also handle their website design, so I took the opportunity to add the new logo onto their site with a statement about the flooded shop.

If you are looking for a new logo for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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