New Logo for The Ginger Shed Man

Dean from ‘The Ginger Shed Man‘ on YouTube approached me about having a new logo to kickstart his channel. I initially asked for a few ideas from Dean as to what he might like, perhaps a sketch, or a logo style that had caught his eye. While he was gathering his thoughts, I had an idea of my own. Keeping it really simple, making the words in his channel name create a ‘Shed’.

This was my initial draft..

First Draft – Making a ‘Shed’ from the words.

I felt that it was definitely something worth developing, with a few more drafts – I added some ‘shed’ textures to define it a little more. ‘Wood’ for the sides and ‘Felt’ for the roof. It was starting to have a real ‘sheddy’ vibe.

Second Draft – Adding Texture

Dean liked it, but thought that adding an outline would be a good finishing touch. I played around with some different line styles, and layouts, and landed on a partial outline, for the ‘walls’ of the shed. With a small tweak to the ‘THE’, making it inline – the final logo was born..

The Final Logo!

There we have it, a finished logo – created in an hour. Sometimes Logo Design can take time, and spill into two or three hours, however, sometimes the best idea is the first one!

If you’d like a logo designed for your YouTube channel, Social Media or business, then please do contact me!

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