New Website for C&G Gas Services

Lee at C&G Gas Services got in touch about getting a website, after a bit of discussion, we worked out that our NEW Sole Trader Plus Website Package would be the best for him. The beauty of this package over the standard Sole Trader Website Package, is that it comes with the Drag and Drop Page Builder. Lee is planning on expanding his business in the future, so having the ability to create new pages quickly would be handy.

As Lee wasn’t confident in writing copy for the site, he used our copywriting service at £35 per hour so we would provide the wording across the site. This, coupled with the fact Lee was keen to get the site live, and had plenty of installation photos meant within 72 hours of placing his order.

The finished site for C&G Gas Services is simple, and easy to navigate, and will give Lee’s customers a good landing point when they search for him online.

The home page of the C&G Gas Services Website

Lee didn’t have a high quality vector version of his logo, so I was able to identify the fonts used on it, and recreate it in Adobe Illustrator. This means the artwork on the site is pin sharp, and when Lee gets his new van soon, the sign writer will have the logo in high resolution to create the livery.

I’m so pleased with the finished result! If you want a website turned around quickly, and you’re not confident writing all the wording for it, contact us, or request a quote and we’ll be happy to help!

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