A Website for an Online Club – The EzeeBetR Club

The eZeeBetR Club screenshot

At the end of 2023 I was contacted by a client who was starting a new online club, the EzeeBetR Club. This was a bit of a departure from the usual websites and online stores I work on. This is a club, where members sign up and pay their membership fees and then partake in some horse racing betting. Obviously all the betting action isn’t done on this site, that’s done on an actual betting exchange.

My job was to come up with a site where potential members could learn about the club, and hopefully sign up, and then manage their membership online going forwards. It seemed sensible to offer our client our Small Business Website Package, and as it was a brand new company, the Logo Design Package too. Because of the Membership Sign-Up and Members Area we had to quote for some extra setup and coding to integrate with our customer’s Stripe account too.

Once our customer had accepted the quotation, we agreed to have the site up and running early February 2024, and I’m happy to say that deadline was met!

I really enjoyed working on the EzeeBetR Club website – the set up and configuring of the membership area was something that I’d not done before. I was excited to try something new, and it worked out really well – so if you’re interested in trying to make some cash on the races, go take a look!

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