A logo refresh for Solas Electrical Services

Sometimes when a customer asks you to refresh their logo – which they’d made themselves – you can sometimes find yourself looking at a rather bad logo with no real idea where to go.

This wasn’t the case with Solas Electrical Services – Marcus had done a grand job with the Solas logo (fun fact – Solas is ‘light’ in Irish!). Here was the starting point –

The existing Solas Electrical Services Logo
The existing Solas Electrical Services Logo

I *really* liked what I saw, and pondered the best way to improve it. The ‘light rays’ were really smart, but something didn’t sit right – I think it was their slight ‘off’ 90 degree angle. You don’t really think about it in everyday life – but your eyes ‘appreciate’ it when things are square, or lined up. I suppose it’s like looking at a picture on the wall, and it’s just clearly on the wonk – you ‘see’ it. It might not bother you, or you instantly want to align it – but either way, your mind has clocked it.

I really liked the typeface used – but thought it could do with a little switch up. My idea was to use a similar font for ‘Solas’ and switch ‘Electrical Services’ to a different style. Just to draw your eye down to it – so you know straight away that you’re dealing with an electrician (rather than say a self tanning product!).

I went back and forth with Marcus with a few ideas of typefaces, and ways to incorporate the rather awesome ‘light rays’. After, what felt like no time at all – we hit on the final logo – which is below..

I tweaked the light rays so they were at similar angles to the ‘slopes’ of the A – it just feels a bit more satisfying having elements in line, and matching angles. I also thought it it gave more of a feeling of them being rays of light ‘bouncing’ off the logo.

I’m so glad that Solas Electrical Services opted for my Logo Design Package. It’s great for situations like this, where you want to tweak your existing logo, or you need to start from scratch! Marcus and his business partner were so happy with it, they have ordered a Social Media Post Design Package and a Business Card Design Package too! So I best leave this here, and get on with those!

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