Breakout Area

Small Website Changes!

Hello! Long time, no speak! I’ve taken 10 minutes or so to do a small update on the website, I’m so busy worrying about making everyone else look good, I forget about me! Never mind, the site is looking a little more refreshed now! I’ve had a hectic few months, and I’ll update the portfolio shortly to show you what I’ve been up to! I’ve been producing a lot of renders of my space plans. It really gives the you a better idea of how your space will look, and as I plan in 3D anyway, it doesn’t actually add too much more to the cost of the drawing. You can go crazy with tiny details too, adding the fabric you want onto the soft furnishings, the exact wood finish too.. It’s pretty clever stuff.  The image above is a draft of an area I’ve worked on recently, I’ve not used the final fabric choices, but it was used as a ‘starting point’ for the client just to give them a firmer idea of what the product they’d chosen will look like.

Right, back to work!