I have over 10 years experience working on web pages; it all started back in 1997 where, as a nerdy teenager, I worked on the very first website for my school.

My HTML knowledge has all been self-taught, and as Web technology has moved forwards, I’ve been learning more and more! I enjoy making web sites that are accessible and look good in whatever flavour of browser you are using, whether it’s FireFox on your Desktop or Safari on your iPhone. The way we use the web is changing, and I work on sites that embrace that.

I love optimising web pages for search engines – you can’t pay to be on the top of Google’s searches (apart from their Paid Advertising Spaces!) despite what a lot of companies will tell you. The only way you’ll get up there is by having a clean, well-coded site that is full of the right keywords for your market. Simple!

Any site I produce will also be able to report to you exactly how it is being used, what search terms people use, where they are in the world, even how long they stay on the site; it’s all part of the service.

As well as being able to build you a fantastic web site I can host it for you too using a blisteringly fast server hosted in one of the UK’s leading data centres. You can be re-assured of a superb service!

For examples of my Web Design – head over to the Portfolio.