Bye Bye 2011, Hello 2012!

Wow! Last year was a busy year, both personally and commercially! I’ve secured some wonderful clients, created a handful of cool websites, drawn 100’s of drawings, made a plethora of artwork and managed to squeeze in getting married and moving house too!

December was very busy with a large project on behalf of NHS London, they had a requirement of moving a team from another site onto an existing floor of their Head Office. With a tight budget and the need to reduce impact to existing staff I had to work out the best way to utilise the existing space, and furniture. At all times I had to  keep in mind I needed to create a pleasant and ‘Health and Safety friendly’ work environment. The project deadlines were very tight as the reshuffle had to take place over the Christmas break to minimize the impact on the staff.

Due to some real dedication and effort from all the teams involved the project was successful and the space was ready for the staff to return to work after Christmas. Result! I also had a lovely e-mail from one of the project team :

Kip your drawing and designs were a masterpiece as each team were able to do their bit and follow each other around to make sure the ‘chain of activities’ kept moving to meet the deadlines and that people were in the right place with the right things.  Fab!

One of my favourite parts of the job is seeing my drawings turn into fully functioning spaces, it’s great to think ‘I made this!’

Happy New Year!