KCJH Design was founded in 2008 by me, Kip Hakes. I’ve been ‘making things look pretty’ for quite a while now – It’s what I do, and It’s what I love!

The ethos of my company is simple, I want to deliver to you the highest quality work at a price that doesn’t make you wince. We are able to provide CAD Design, Space Planning, Graphic Design, Web Design and Site Photography.

I’ve always had a flair for design, and even help set up my secondary school’s very first website back in 1997. From then onwards I’ve been teaching myself coding and evolved my skills as technology has advanced. I first started using CAD when I worked as a software tester for a company that made an AutoCAD add-on. I then moved on to Bridon (Furniture at Work) Ltd. where I worked as Head of Design, where I kept improving my CAD and Graphic Design skills and after 5 years I left to setup KCJH Design. I live by the ethos ‘every day is a school day’ as each day I always try and learn something new.