Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter or Tradesperson Starting Out? I can help!

Due to a business ceasing trading, I have a whole (now redundant) website built on my Small Business Website Package (with the £150 copy writing add on included) platform. Because the site is essentially set up, and dormant on the server, I wanted to offer the package to a tradie before I have to delete it. We, as a business get charged for dormant sites, so can never hold onto a un-paid site indefinitely. Obviously you’d get a fresh site with up to ten pages, I can offer it cheaper than normal because all the work of setting up the package on the server is done.

So if you’re a tradesperson, who wants a website, with all the wording written for them then grab this product below. There’s only ONE in stock, and ultimately the first person to checkout and pay for it can have it. You can’t use ANY discount codes (ie. BUNDY10, JRC10, PowerCouple10) etc on this package – it’s a one off at an excellent price!

As I said, I will write all the wording for you – I will just need a few basic bits of info. You will need to provide me with images for the site, (pictures of your work, your van, you, etc.) – and a logo – (grab this if you don’t have one!).

The sooner I have them, the sooner you get a nice finished website, just keep in mind that we are our annual shutdown between 8th-16th February 2024, so no work would be done during that period.

This is only a 10 page website package, you CAN add more, and I’m happy to help, but that would be £35 per hour on top.

I think that’s about it – drop me an email at kip@kcjhdesign.co.uk if you have any questions.

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