New Website for T.J. Archer Electrical

Tom from T.J. Archer Electrical recently purchased our Small Business Website Package to boost his company’s online presence. Tom, like many of our customers, had used an online web building tool to create a site for his business but wasn’t happy with how it looked.

He provided me some awesome photos of his work, and some perfectly written copy, and we were able to get his site online within 72 hours.

Tom’s company (like JRC Electrical) make use of the Tradify platform, so I was able to add an enquiry form linked directly to his account. Meaning every enquiry is logged and can be properly managed in Tradify.

I’m really pleased how the T.J. Archer Electrical Site has turned out, I really love how Tom’s logo colour pairs perfectly the black background, it pops so much! If your company needs a site similar to Tom’s then please do get in touch!

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